Redevelopment of the radiology department at Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne

Greenfield Park


1 650 000$

This project consist of the redevelopment of the radiology department to allow the relocation of existing fluoroscopy equipment as well as the installation of a new angiography device.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the SIEMENS medical equipment, in turnkey form. The architectural scope was planned according to the needs of the hospital and with the specifications of the manufacturer (SIEMENS). The area to be redesigned was approximately 2,000 square feet. Most of the partitions had to be demolished since the new angiography machine required more space from than existing. The existing fluoroscopy room was relocated to an old angiography room, which was refurbished for this purpose. The flow of patients and hospital staff, as well as the functionality of the new spaces and user safety, were the main elements that guided the project design process.

In order to limit the impact of the construction work on the care offered to patients, the radiology department had to remain in operation for the duration of the work. To this end, we produced a work phasing plan which minimized the impact of the site on hospital activities.