Cormier Lefebvre architectes was created when Jérôme Cormier and Martin Lefebvre, two architects working in the field of architecture and design for more than 25 years, joined forces in 2015. The firm relies on a solid team of more than 15 employees in order to quickly and efficiently respond to the mandates received. We are able to provide services over a broader territory, as we have offices established in Laval and Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Our know-how combines several specialties of the practice of architecture in a traditional mode as well as in a turnkey mode, with notable expertise in the health sector (public and private) as well as in the municipal, cultural, sporting, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. Our portfolio also includes residential projects of varying scope (large scale housing projects, social housing, multi-family homes and single-family homes) in different settings (urban, suburban, resorts, countryside, etc.).

We are able to take on every challenge we are confronted with by leveraging our know-how and efficiency, in order to make each project a success.


The quality and success of our projects relies on the involvement of the associates project team as project managers and the relevance of the choice of each of the members of the project team. For each mandate, the project manager is present, responsible and easily accessible throughout the process, from the programming phase to post-construction services.

This vertical and continuous integration of the project manager for all phases of the mandate also applies to all team members assigned to the project. This client approach ensures continuous monitoring during all stages of the project, but also rapid, direct and efficient communication between the project team, the other professionals, the architect and the client.

Thus, our method is characterized by a process of close collaboration between the project manager and the design and production team. This approach is intended to consolidate everyone’s strengths and skills at all stages of the project for the benifit of the clien and the project. This close and continuous communication throughout the project development process leads to better quality control and efficiency, which achieves optimal results.


Building requires a significant investment, in terms of time and money. It is also an act that changes the natural or built landscape. No matter the scale of the project, it deserves to be thought through and planned so that we optimize the potential.

At the start of the project, we listen and take note of our client’s wishes, needs and budget. We analyze the project unique context: sun path versus site orientation, points of view, acces vegetation or built environment, etc. Concept ideas and 3D modeling translate the data collected and build the thematic and planning strategy while taking into account the regulatory framework and the building code.

The end of construction does not equate to the end of the building evolution. At that stage it begins its useful life, a life-cycle to obsolescence. Aware of this reality, we propose and integrate, structural characteristics and technical choices that will maximize its life cycle, from the initial design of the building.

This support and ideation process aims to be progressive and participative and combined with a share of artistic intuition, towards tof a unique and adapted architecture. We guide the client and the project.