New Audi Popular Car dealer


8 000 000$

Located south of the intersection of St. Gregoire, Saint-Hubert and Resther streets, the new Audi Popular car dealership occupies a prime position at the entrance to the Plateau Mont-Royal borough.

This new building will house certain functions of the dealership accross the street and consolidate them into a new building. The new building of approximately 10,000 square feet on 3 floors is part of a very important historical context since it is located on the route of the Quarry Road, which led to the multiple gray stone quarries in Montreal that were located in the area. The building has level of basement where cars are washed. A showroom and sales room are located on the ground floor, car storage as well as spaces for employees such as gym, conference room, offices, etc. are located on the upper floor. In order to minimize the visual impact caused by a car dealership in a neighborhood, the use of translucent glass on the upper floors makes it possible to limit the view of cars, being limited to those found in the showroom. exhibition on the ground floor. Differents strategies have been implemented to reduce the ecological footprint of the building through the recovery of rainwater, thus improving to the quality of indoor environments.