Expansion of Audi Popular Car Dealership


15 000 000$

Located north of the intersection of St. Gregoire, Saint Hubert and Resther streets, this 4-storey building and a basement aims to meet the new needs of the dealership through an architectural proposal consistent with its environment. The building is part of a site with a strong historical context, in particular by the presence of the Montreal gray stone quarry path found in the area. The building seeks to enhance this history through its volumetric treatment versus the street grid and choice of materials.

The building has car wash room in the basement, a mechanical service area and a sales area with an showroom on the ground floor. On the upper floors, there are administrative spaces, vehicle storage spaces and another showroom hall. The choice of materials was an important aspect of the design process to minimize the visual impact that a car dealership can cause in a neighborhood. Thus, in addition to the choice of quarried stone, the placement of the openings was strategic to limit the view of vehicles except those in the showrooms halls. This project is proposed to replace the existing Audi dealership which would need to be demolished to allow the project.